InfoDyne, Ltd was established by Filipino IT professionals in Hong Kong in 1991 where as a consultancy focused on software systems development, it developed large-scale systems for agencies of the United Nations. In 1995, with the burgeoning demand for Internet services, InfoDyne moved its operations to the Philippines where it established one of the country's pioneering Internet Service Providers (ISP): Philippines Online (PhilOnline).

Today, InfoDyne, Inc. not only continues to operate and manage Philippines Online it also manages and operates four other ISPs which it acquired through the years. Through its Philippines Online business unit, InfoDyne provides innovative hosting and access solutions to its customers. With its solid experience in systems development, InfoDyne also continues to provide consulting and software development services to its customers, ranging from proprietary industry-centric applications to e-commerce sites, from website design to back-end integration services.

In 2001, InfoDyne developed a proof of concept software called DynamicLoader. Written entirely in Java, the software was developed to provide a portal platform for the Philippines Online service. However, it soon became apparent that portal software and content management will become a must-have for companies. The product was redesigned to incorporate strong integration features and was relaunched as Intigrix in 2003. Today, Intigrix is used by organizations in various industries, ranging from NGO's to the online version of a national newspaper, from e-commerce sites to site installations integrating with and extending the useful life of legacy systems.

In 2006, Umona Systems, Ltd. a Hong Kong-based company is set up. As a sister-company Umona Systems is responsible for marketing Intigrix and other products and services developed by InfoDyne, Inc. for the international market.

Today, InfoDyne, Inc. continues to develop and provide truly innovative customer-centric products and services.